Friday, January 28, 2005

Community Impact Workshop... March 30th...

Bible-believing pastors, leaders and community-reachers of all types...

Regional workshops are now in motion throughout our great state. Tippecanoe & 7 surrounding counties will be one of those areas hosting a "Community Impact Workshop"... on March 30, 2005. The workshop will be a forum conducted by other community-reaching types like yourself. So come connect and let's see what God may do extraordinarily in our midst, as we humble ourselves and pray and seek His face... for our communities.

Go here for more details. And if you already know you'd like to get actively involved in such a concept, please do contact the growing Transform Indiana ministry network coalition.

Welcome Tippecanoe Christians...

Hi. Christ-followers all over Indiana have started using this great new tool God has given us, called the Internet, to connect as a 'net' to fish our cities together, rather than separately. [Only sport fishermen use poles. **smile**]

Typically, it's easiest to connect and work collaboratively with other Bible-believing pastors & leaders community-by-community, neighborhood-by-neighborhood even. So city clusters of networks are now beginning to form if they haven't already.

Transform Indiana ministry network is simply an initiative to connect city-clusters to other city-clusters throughout our state, for increased communications in the Kingdom.

So this Tippeconoe Christians blog will be to simply help connect all these communities within the county, let 'city-reaching' types of leaders emerge and identify themselves with other city-reachers around the state, and provide for some city-reaching conversation within the county.

So tell your 'driven Christian friends' about the concept, and let us know where the best links in the county are... Bible-believing churches, ministries, pastors, and leaders of all sorts... all the way down to neighborhood-reaching prayer warriors & small-group leaders.

For the moment, drop by Transform Indiana's site and drop us an email -- tell us you found us via Tippecanoe Christian blog. Let us know how interested YOU are, in advocating for Christians working together in YOUR communities, and what you might be willing to do, to bring other city-reachers together.

Blessings All.